Nutritional Disclaimer

Please note: I am not a certified dietitian or nutritionist.

BLW Made Easy is a compilation of recipes and useful information that my own little one eat and love. I just provide and share for informative and educational purposes only.

I hope this will give you some suggestions and choices to explore with your own families, but this is not intended to void any nutritional recommendations from your own trained specialist.

Although we at BLW Made Easy are taking every attempt to ensure that the label of the recipes and products accurately describe and lists all the ingredients used, we can not promise that every product you may select is free from any allergen trigger. you depend on the manufacturer’s representations and guarantees and safe handling as well. Labeling and preparation of that particular ingredient are also supplier’s responsibility. If you or your child have any sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients listed below, you should not consume or prepare these products or recipes or consider an alternative ingredient. Our recipes are just ideas. If you or someone in your family has any signs or allergic reactions, stop using them immediately and call your health care provider.

The material on this website is for general reference purposes only and is not meant to replace medical nutritional counseling or care. If you know or believe that you may have allergies or medical conditions that may affect those ingredients, or, after consuming either of our products, notice that you may have or are having side effects, you must contact your health care provider immediately. Any claims on dietary supplements are to be used at your discretion and are not meant to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent any disease.

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