Mindset For Moms: Healthy Mom Happy Baby

We moms, are completely positive about one thing: Our little one is our very best priority. It is a huge challenge to get balance in your life after becoming a mom. Nevertheless, in order to make our kids our priority, we need to be a priority ourselves. Healthy mindsets super kids? Not sure, but your kiddo needs the best version of you.

Mothers are on duty 24/7, with no weekends or sick days off. Our children are the most important things in our lives, but sometimes we can get so caught and focused on them that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Your baby needs a strong, fulfilled woman. A great cultivated individual, proud of herself and ready to get all the blessings she deserves. For that, she needs the right mindset.

Mindset is an individual’s set of beliefs and attitudes that predetermine his or her understanding and reaction to life’s circumstances, particularly challenges and difficulties.

What Is A Healthy Mindset

A Healthy Mindset means seeking ways to learn from your emotions instead of allowing them to dominate your life. Instead of focusing on a negative feeling until it is debilitating, a balanced mind seeks to a) move forward overcoming the negative feeling or b) just embrace it.

Dr. Carol S. Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, has written widely on learning and forecasting accomplishment and success. In her philosophy of thought, she identifies two forms of thought: set and through. Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset

Here’s a Definition Fixed Mindset

In this mindset, knowledge is inherent and unchangeable. The primary aim is to be wise. Challenges are being minimized. Disappointment and failure leads to discouragement and relinquishment. Criticism is taken personal.

Now, Define Growth Mindset

In this mindset, intellect is refined and created. Mastery is the primary goal. Challenges have been accepted. Disappointment and failure are an incentive to seek something different. Criticism indicates things require to be improved rather than proof of ineptitude.


A Healthy Mom Mindset

Self-denial and avoiding your personal desires will make you feel exhausted, depressed, burned out, and unhealthful. In reality, the longer you concentrate on your needs, the less happy and safe you feel, therefore, it is more complicated to fulfill the needs of your little ones. When you take the time to reflect on yourself and your needs, you’ll not only have more resources, but you’ll actually be safer and happier, and have more quality contact with your kids, and even become a better mom.

And how are you going to stay safe and content when you’re trying to handle a million things and be the best parent you can?

10 Easy And Practical Tips To Improve Your Mindset:

1. Acknowledge the facts

Parenting is hard and children don’t come with instruction manuals, the best way to master it is doing it. There’s no a secret success formula, every situation, kid and family are different.

2. There are no perfect children, and no perfect parents.

Avoid comparing yourself to other moms, You and your family are unique, and it is more than OK, it is great!

3. Know who you are now.

You were someone with your own personality, hopes, and goals, before you were someone’s wife and someone’s mom. All those things still are in you, they exist and they are an important, beautiful part of you. Love her, protect her. Your life is not and should not be all about your beloved ones.

4. Connect

Become in the rock star mom of your family. Connection is a meaningful aspect of positive relations with other individuals. It has to be build and cultivate. Enjoy that process, it is not a sprint it is a marathon.

5. Practice a true, fulfilled self-care routine

Yourself and your health are priorities. Say “no” when you mean it. Establish safe boundaries.


Sometimes we need to click pause, rest, and then refocus. Breath! Focus yourself on breathing in a conscious way.

7. Unplug

Get back to basis. Get the social media out of here. Take a little time to relax and unwind. Find a book and enjoy it. Go on a walk. Pray or meditate. Only get off Facebook, Instagram or whatever is your social media obsession now.

8. You Can Have It All, But Not All At Once.

Get real over your ‘Work-Life Balance’ expectations. Avoid frustration and self diminishing. There’s just difference here. Concentrate on the mission at hand, whether it’s a mom’s responsibility, a career or a housewife obligation. Most of the times, multitasking also leaves you exhausted and unproductive.

9. Your Emotions Are Not Facts.

Just because you’re feeling bad, or because you’re feeling that you are never going to be enough, doesn’t make it real. Life is busy and crazy, but you can also enjoy in the midst of all the chaos. Embrace those feelings, identify them, get to know where all of them are coming; then switch them for thoughts and feelings that make you feel good. I’m pretty sure those are way more fair than the negative ones.

10. If you need it, get support.

Mental disorder is a true one. Depression and anxiety are true, and that’s not your fault. You’re not broken. You’re not crazy. But you need some help, though. You don’t need to get over it by yourself, you are not alone, I promise.

10 thought on “Mindset For Moms: Healthy Mom Happy Baby”

  1. AlyseS says:

    Great article!  I’m so glad you have shared 10 Easy And Practical Tips To Improve Your Mindset.  This is a topic that I really need some help with.  I’m especially thankful for the advice to unplug and also if you need it, get support.  We all need some help every now and then.  Also it’s very important to unplug.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Alyse, 

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I really appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you found it useful. Most importantly, you are not alone feeling this way. A lot of are dealing with this too.  

      You are the best mom, no matter what you are doing great. 

      Big hug and stay safe

  2. Lotta says:

    Thank you for this lovely post, there’s never too much support for mums! I’m a mum of a one year old and this past year has definitely been a year of big challenges and personal growth. I love being a mum and I love family life, but I do reminisce my young single days too haha. I guess as mums we go through so many changes that we sometimes forget who we were before having kids, like you also mention in your post, so we go through a bit of an identity crisis. I agree it’s vital that we take care of ourselves to be able to be the best mum for our children. I love the 10 tips you give at the end of your post for a better mindset, very practical advice! 

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi Lotta, 

      I totally got you. My daughter is 2 years old (terrible two’s are not a myth! lol) and it was (still is) a challenge. I can’t even know how I used to be before her, she is the biggest blessing in my life. Nevertheless, sometimes I miss some things I used to do that made me feel empowered, proactive, and fulfilled. It has been quite a journey to re-learn, and self-discovery how to balance my personal development, professional aims, and family life.

      Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, you just made my day. 

  3. Walter says:


    This article is very helpful and i agree especially with the healthy mindset phrase, this is very important for a mom, to be “healthy mindset” , the postpartum period is not easy for Mom at all, and read supporting articles and site Intended for ease of mind and continuity in routine are most welcome

    Lovely advise ! 

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi Walter, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 

      I love to see that men are aware of this too. Once you become a mom you have to learn how to be in this whole new stage of your life that is constantly evolving

  4. Daniella says:


    I have two beautiful children, but today they are already adults. However, my sister just gave birth a year ago, and she really needs these tips to have a healthy mindset. I’ll share this article with my sister; I am sure she will love it!

    Thank you again for this useful post!

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi Daniella, 

      Thank you so much, I hope your sister can get some useful tips from it. 


  5. evans says:

    being a mum with a baby isn’t an easy task, as a mother it requires of you that you take Absolute Care of the family on daily basis coupled with all the schedules that you’ve got to meet up with this in turn can make you feel really depressed if proper precautions are not taken.. on this article and tips on how such mums who stay healthy with their babies. I do truly find this review informative and I look forward to share it..

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi Evans, Thank you so much for taking your time with this article. Your feedback on this matter is greatly appreciated. It is great to know that others have empathy with this subject. Being a mom is a delightful challenge. 

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