Increase Social Media Audience: 6 Strategies for Monetize

Can you make money from your social media platform? (After all, you put enough blood, sweat , and tears to make it thrive.) The answer is yes!

Social media is time-consuming. Can all the hours you spend posting, commenting, and interacting on social media really turn into profit?s

I’m going to show you eight ways you can turn social media into money.

1. Attract the Right Audience

It’s easy to make a mistake to jump straight into sales. You ‘re seeking a business, after all, you need to make money.

But if you don’t have an audience, you’ll never see any profits at all.

Audience building needs to be a key element in your social media strategy. But how do you do that, and how do you guarantee that you are working in the right direction, and your followers are the ones who want to buy and speak about you on your social accounts?

Start with a persona

A individual is an image of your ideal consumer.

It will reveal to you:

  • Key demographics of your target audience
  • What they’re interested in
  • The problems they want you to help them out

Here’s a list of examples that can help you create a person for your customer.

  • If you’re at Woodlands pub, you know that you want to appeal to people who live in The Woodlands. You don’t want to attract people who live in Germany
  • If you’re a sports bar, you ‘re going to want to attract people who enjoy sports. You don’t want to attract people who don’t like sports
  • A dance club is going to want to attract people who like dance music, and so on

Create content that will attract your persona attention

Now that you know a little about the market you want to create, you can start creating content that’s going to draw them.

2. Engage your audience with polls and questions

Now that you know who you want in your audience, and you’re attracting them with content, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level.

You ‘re going to need to talk to your audience.
Conversations help to establish partnerships and trust. Your audience needs to be able to trust your business.
But how are you going to start a conversation? By asking questions.

3. Start with a survey 

Polls are a quick way to engage customers with your social accounts.

You can use the built-in Poll features on Facebook pages , Facebook Groups , Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You’ll find that you can quickly gather votes, especially on Instagram stories and Facebook.

Please come up with a list of questions that are relevant to your persona or related to the goods and promotions you are running.

4. Write sales post

Experts are going to tell you that it’s wrong to sell, sell, sell on the social market. They ‘re right. You need public building and engagement posts to help build trust before you sell. But you still have to sell.

Sales posts must be part of your social posting strategy. In fact, they ‘re probably the most important posts you ‘re going to create. It’s worth taking a little time to create great sales posts.

I’ve got a formula designed to reel your audience in and encourage them to click the Buy button.

  • What’s in it for the customer, what kind of problem do you solve?
  • What are the options?
  • How are you going to solve the problem?
  • What the do they have to do next?
  • Include an eye-catching, thumb-stop image.
    Examples of this:
  • “Do you spend too much time creating social media reports for your clients?
  • “You tried the templates, but it still takes ages to collect the data? You tried some expensive social reporting tools, but they make things way too complicated?
  • Reporting is easy at Agorapulse. You can view and download reports for your clients by clicking the button below.
  • Now, sign up for a free account, we know you’re going to enjoy it.
    Don’t forget to add the picture to it.

5. FAQ’s

We ‘re used to seeing FAQs on blogs, but FAQ material fits well on the social side as well.

If you answer questions that your customers have (especially questions that stop them from clicking the Buy button), you can convert them to customers.

Make a list of commonly asked questions from your customers and create video content that answers them. Treat your subscription mailing list posts like sales posts.


6. Embrace the Testimony

We talked about building trust and how important it is to make sales. Testimonials are a good way to build trust. This should convince future buyers that they are making the right decision to buy from you.
You can get the testimonials by:

  • Encouraging advice on your Facebook page
  • Take existing testimonials and turn them into images
  • Interviewing and sharing video with clients on your page
  • Implement these and you’ll build a strategy to deliver sales and start monetizing the time you spend on social services.

Using the same method to fix the problem that the mailing list or lead magnet addresses and encourage people to subscribe to it. Here’s a post I used on Facebook that resulted in an immediate rise in subscribers to my blog.

If you build it, they ‘re going to come   

I want you to understand the importance and power that each of these points will have on your ability to make money on social media.

I can’t show you a straight path to success. If you build links, I can’t promise you a lot of revenue. But I can guarantee that if you remain loyal, remain supportive, and stay who you are, people will be attracted to you and your voice on social issues.

Money is coming, but that’s going to happen later. Take the time to get to know your target and what it takes, and then create a trusted and engaging forum for that objective.

6 thought on “Increase Social Media Audience: 6 Strategies for Monetize”

  1. Vicki says:

    This is certainly a really great way to become known and attract people to your business.

    I use Pinterest a lot and get loads of traffic from this source and when I came here today, it really opened my eyes to a better way of marketing so thank you so much and I have bookmarked this site for future visits.

    Creating a persona is brilliant as it is really attracting the right audience which is important.

    I got so much great information – Thank you again

    ( Please edit this bit) You need to check your comment box in your posts because right now people cannot post directly to your post. Also, go to Site Manager, then site plus and make sure all your buttons are green as your site is showing unsecure. Please click edit to delete this part as is should not be part of the comment 🙂

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi Vicki! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Pinterest. 

      I totally agree that it is a great source of traffic, and I feel it is less crowded. 

      I’d love to hear more about your progress with your digital marketing. ❤️

  2. Cara says:

    I really enjoyed your article. I learned a lot from it thank u so much for sharing this with us all much apricated I have been wondering if this site is really what they say they are and if ill ever profit. and thank you for helping me understand it better

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi there, Cara! Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to hear more about your progress with your social media presence. 

  3. Ling Tse says:

    Social media is a good topic to gain your audience in the beginning, once you build up your trust and gain your audience, you will have your target customers. Well not all of them, at least you will have more customer source, and they will talk to somebody, so that drives your traffic. 

    You can join in some groups, or comment in some topics related to your niches. It also helps to build up your brand.

    Reviews or sale post is a good idea to engage with your target customers too, because your customer will think of if they purchase or not, usually they go and look for reviews first. At least few times they will think of, before they purchase something. Or some customers if they know what they want, they will purchase from you directly.

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi there, ling!  I totally agree with you. Those are useful tips to increase your social media audience, thank you for sharing ❤️

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