How To Become An Entrepreneur Online And Why You Should

How to make a passive income is something that all of us want to master eventually. Having a completely passive profit is the ultimate aim of the vast majority of business owners, and you might quite quickly find it to be an utterly perfect scenario in terms of finances. Small business entrepreneurship could be the way to go there. Nowadays, you have more tools to achieve that with less capital. Online Businesses can make you a passive income if you do it the right way.

Yes, I said small and online businesses. Here comes a secret. Nothing is actually passive. We have to transform our business into a passive income through structure, strategies, and leadership. Guess what, online and small business are flexible enough to become that. Let`s break this down.

What’s a passive income?

Simple: it means you ‘re going to make money without having to work. But it doesn’t mean that you haven’t prepared for it – it also means that you’ve planted the seeds so that you can make a good profit in the future.

In other words, you invest some time and money to set up a business model that is capable of ‘running itself,’ and from then on you reap the benefits. You can also start working on a business idea in your free time to expand it up to keep it running, but the argument is that you don’t have to consciously exchange your time for money anymore.

If you have a proactive business model, you will actually manage to make money when you’re asleep.

Working online enhances your flexibility to a considerable degree as it helps you to choose if and where you work. Even if you give a service to a customer, that’s also not true equality. At the end of the day, if you take time off, you ‘re going to lose your earnings. So you will also annoy your customers, so end up losing your means of income.

Even with deferred profits, you ‘re just going to taste true independence. Now you can opt to take the entire day off, or just refrain from working for the whole week, and there will be no consequences.

Do you want to spend more time with your children? You should do that!

Do you want to go for a walk and feel the sun on your face? You ‘re playing!

Will you want to go traveling? Do you work on a personal project that means a lot to you?

I think you ‘re starting to get a picture of this …

Ultimate Passive Income

But for a lot of people, passive income goes beyond that. For many people, passive income is not necessarily about working less, but rather about increasing their income.

More than any other type of business, a passive income model will allow you to scale. Why? Because if you start earning money that doesn’t require your active input, there’s no reason you can’t use your free time to set up another passive income model.

And then another one.
And another one. Then, one that is not about the money but about your dreams. Because guess what? You don’t have to worry about money anymore.

And any time you do so, you increase your future profits a few times. You will also increase the profit power of a passive income model simply by spending more capital on it in order to scale it up directly.

So the more independent passive income businesses you set up, the more robust the company can become. With ten separate businesses, all running at once, you can consider your income to be very safe. It would take multiple businesses to fail at the same time that you have any threat of serious financial strain.

You can then use passive income to set up multiple businesses, and you can use a passive income model to fund other business plans and thereby ‘bootstrap’ your larger ambitions and projects.

Why You Should Become an Online Entrepreneur

  1. Work in Pajamas: Yeah, it’s very easy to work for yourself, your job, your rules. Online Entrepreneurs don’t need to go to work, they should wear sandals, yoga pants and even pajamas. WARNING: Discipline and accountability are required.
  2. Small Risk: Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to sell a product, you ‘d need a store. Or if you were offering a service, there was a need for office space. You will have to pay for advertisement space to advertise the company. Starting a business was an expensive and risky. But the Internet has changed a lot of things. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for real estate, you can pay less than $100 a year for your domain name and hosting. Instead of paying huge amounts of money for advertising, you can start implementing your marketing strategy on social media platforms for free.

    All this doesn’t guarantee you a lot of success, but it doesn’t mean you ‘re going to lose a lot if you use these means. More importantly, you have access, real access, to a business opportunity.

  3. The Business Belongs to you: When you work for a company, every effort is made to help develop a business that doesn’t belong to you. When working as an entrepreneur, your research and growth activities should aim to maximize the reputation of the company as a whole, which you personally own. Having a steady monthly paycheck is a major bonus, but it is a short-term solution to financial challenges relative to a growing commodity that will earn you a lot of money per year.
  4. Something New Every Day: Having a variety of online entrepreneur duties: to work in order to learn more.

    Even if one day you could find out all the ways of earning money on the Internet, you still need to wake up the next day earlier to learn to further. For online entrepreneurs, continuous independent training will help keep up with updated technologies, methods, trends, to become even more successful.

    Personally, I like to comprehend, get to the essence of the information received and draw appropriate conclusions, especially if I have learned a valuable new concept, news or business system. I believe that it is necessary to keep your mind sharp, fast-acting and thinking effectively. Actually I like to invest in myself. To have coaches is a key factor.

  5. Seeking a true Calling: Most people know how to make money quickly and easily, as well as what they want to achieve over a certain period, while others are the other way around. If you are looking for some clarity on this issue, then it’s just necessary to become an entrepreneur, since this is a self-directed career. Personally, iI think that starting a business is a good way to find your true vocation.

Do I need to come out with everything from scratch?

No, you don’t. You can buy an Online business. There’s a lot of online businesses for sale. That way you jump into a validated idea, of course you will need to make an investment for it.

Where’s the catch?

The catch is to play to stay in the game, not to play just to win. It is easy to start an online business, but it is also easy to fail with it. Passive income is not about not working, Success is not about certainty. In order to have a stream income from your own online business you have to be persistent. You have to believe in yourself and you have to beat the odds. The secret to do that? Fall in love with your business idea, build a business you are proud of.

4 thought on “How To Become An Entrepreneur Online And Why You Should”

  1. Joel Kgomanyane says:

    All that you have stated is true and can be achievable with the right set of mind and persistency. It is something that an online business owner needs to understand and believe in for the business to ultimate reap in results. The important thing is that the online business owner is in charge and can shape, direct how he/she wants the business to grow and in which direction. Its a wise and prudent way of investment

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi Joel,

      I totally agree mindset may be the more important factor for an entrepreneur, it also means vision! Mindset, vision direction, and persistence are all tide together.

  2. StevieMAX says:

    I think the thing that turns most people away from online entrepreneurship is the fact that it’s not a quick fix to getting rich, which is what most people expect from “online businesses” but the truth is that it takes a while to get it off the ground, like any other business, but it’s all worth it once you start seeing the results.

    Thanks for this great article, Nicole.

    1. Nicole Torres says:

      Hi Steve! I totally agree with you. Online Businesses are not different from traditional businesses. There are lots of advantages you got from the online world, but hard work is something you can’t skip.

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