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Hi moms!

I’m so glad to have you here, I really appreciate that you dedicate me these few minutes. I know how precious is every second to you and, that after delivering your first little one, it is kind of big deal how, where, and when you spent your time; so again thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Unexpected Changes Can Bring The Best of You

I am originally from Venezuela, and I made a tough decision when I got pregnant. My husband and I, we decided that we were willing to left everything behind and start over to offer our little one better opportunities. We started from scratch almost three years ago, but this time, we were committed to work hard for what we really want, not for what it supposed to be for us.

After all, there’s nothing harder than leave family, friends and roots behind. We were able to overcome even that so, why don’t give it a try to do for a living something we feel fulfilled about? I quit my job before giving birth my baby girl and I knew I didn’t want an employee anymore, but when I saw her for the first time I knew for sure that I wouldn’t take time from her to give it away in a corporation. I started my own online businesses right after she was born. I took the whole risk, but also the chance to get my financial freedom staying at home with Samantha and feeling fulfilled with my work.

I had (and still have) the conviction that a mom can be a full-time mom and a successful businesswoman.


We share a lot of things in common

Balancing motherhood with your personal ambitions is not easy. I know at this point of your life you are feeling overwhelmed. You know that you want to do lots of things and most of the times your baby’s nap is not even enough to take a shower. You have less time than a CEO, and your partner not always understands that.

I want to bring you in little nutshells all you need to keep your balance. Useful motherhood information that helps you out with the daily simple (but extremely important things) combined with all you need to know to start your journey as a businesswoman. Your goals, your time, your rules: also your profit. t

I don’t want to see myself as an unquestioned expert. I know I’m learning every single day. I also want it to be that way. I want to play to stay in the game. But I also want to share with you what has been working for me. I know you can make a good use of it.

The Outlier Mom Objective

I think, without a question, all of us are able to do amazing things. Big changes are made one step at the time. Any step forward is progress.

You deserve the opportunity of being the best mom ever without leaving yourself behind. If you feel fulfillment and joy within yourself; you’re the best mom already.

I know the value it has to you to bring your little ones the love, attention, and opportunities they deserve. I know you want to stay productive in order to do that. I know that you want something else and you are willing to fight for it because you are a brave mom!.

I had self-doubt, I didn’t know where should I start, I was so overwhelmed that I felt like I was not good enough. I know you may be feeling the same. I am here for you! You are not alone in this.

Don’t waste another minute without taking action, take the risk, step out, freed your message. Build your empire while taking care of what you love the most: Your family.

Big hug!

You got this!



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