3 Top Rated Breast Pump List: Read This Before Buying A Double Electric Breast Pump

The breast pump is a critical device for some moms. Pumping could help you to ease the sensation of engorgement, and increase the supply of milk. Especially helpful for working moms, moms with twins or premature babies unable to latch, breast pumps are a great option for some mothers. Some moms we spoke with, told us they couldn’t have to get back to work without a powerful pump.

Studies have proven that breast milk is the safest food you can give your little one, and I personally agree that breastfeeding is still the best choice for a mother and her baby. That’s why I felt it was so important to study the best breast pumps for mothers in 2020. Collecting other mom’s experiences, we have looked far and wide to help our readers find out the right pump for them. Here are the best we’ve ever found.

Here’s what moms looked at for the Best Double Electric Breast Pump Review:


Pumping is more enjoyable when performed properly and with an efficient suction capacity. Suction performance is our criteria for efficiency rating, it refers to how well each pump performs when used.


There are a number of extra apps available based on which model you select. You will find detailed characteristics of each model in this list to help you select the best one for your needs.


For many of us, the independence of a compact breast pump is a priority. Here you will have an idea of which of the pumps listed below are suitable for moms on the move.

Top Breast Pump List:

1. Spectra Baby USA S1 Rechargeable Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Model: Spectra Baby USA S1

Best place to buy: Amazon 

Price: $245.00

Moms’ Appreciation: Best Overall Breast Pump

The Spectra Baby USA-S1 Electric Breast Pump is a silent, hospital-grade pump for a great price. The mix of features and suction power makes it our top choice for breast pumps in 2020.

  • Efficiency:

The Spectra S1 is my favorite hospital breast pump. It’s lightweight and compact (compared with most of the hospital-grade pumps available in that price range). I do like the large range of apps used, such as a nightlight and timer. We spoke to several twin mothers who say this pump is a lifesaver for them.

Apps are great for first time moms. Breastfeeding is a natural process you have to trust, so it is a lot of uncertainty the first time and tracking all your feeds can help you out understanding your baby’s feeding pace.

  • Features

The breast pump mimics the baby’s feeding thanks to a nifty massage feature. If you haven’t used a similar pump before, you’ll find that the pump pulsation at first sounds a bit odd during suction. However, it should get more relaxed over time.

Thanks to the relaxation function of the pump, the extraction is accelerated as it also induces the downturn. It’s particularly useful for working mothers who don’t have a lot of time, but the massage feature can be turned on or off if it’s not to your preference.

The system provides twelve suction speeds. Component rates are built to satisfy the pumping needs of any parent, even those with inverted nipples. In order to control the frequency, the control for suction intensity is independent. It requires mom to change each regulation independently in order to replicate, as exactly as possible, the baby’s nursing style.

It’s incredibly easy to set up. The Spectra Baby USA-S1 Electric Breast Pump has a memory feature, so it remembers and returns to your favorite settings. The system also has a backlit digital readout and a nightlight so that you can use it in the dark without putting on extra lighting to wake the sleeping child.

Cleaning your Breast pump is super easy as the entire unit splits into small pieces. The included bottles come with big mouths and are easy to clean with a brush. The silicone membranes of the Spectra S1 are easy to wash.


  • Portability:

The Spectra Baby USA-S1 is very compact. It’s pretty lightweight and tiny, so you can take it around when you need to get something in the middle of the pumping cycle. Remember, this is a Hospital Grade Breast Pump, don’t expect ithat it will be as tiny as your smartphone LOL.

The rechargeable battery allows mothers to use the pump while on the go. Mothers have a choice of plugging in the unit or making it more compact while operating the charger.

2. Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump

Model: Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump

Best place to buy: Amazon

Price: $59.69

Mom’s Appreciation: Best Value Breast Pump

The Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump is equipped with a closed mechanism that is suitable for cleaning and maintenance. Mothers we spoke to said that pumping is much more convenient than other electrical solutions. This package also provides a range of design solutions to mimic the realistic feeding habits of your newborn baby.

  • Efficiency

The Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump activates and massages breasts in different ways to make mom feels as comfortable. The four modes include relaxation and pain, constant sucking, sucking frequency conversion, and regular sucking mode.

Moms can choose from nine levels of suction to customize their breastfeeding experience. The breast pump runs at a quiet sound level, which is greatly appreciated it. It helps deter you from waking up your child at the worst possible time.

The Bellababy electric breast pump operates on both the battery and the wire support converter. The USB charging cable will easily bring back the battery power from a power bank or a laptop.


  • Features

Your Breast Pump is shipped with plastic bags for milk storage. It is comfortable and easy to express breast milk directly in storage bags. Customers will receive 10 bags, which is enough to get started, but you can order more if you like them. As a matter of fact, the Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump has a closed system. This closed structure makes this pump be very safe and healthy for your baby to rely on clean breast milk.

The system features an easy-to-read screen with essential details such as operating mode, suction speed, time of use, and battery status. The control screen is sensitive to the control of a single digit, making it very easy to work.


  • Portability

The Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump is compact. It’s a lightweight, dual-use breast pump. Moms can take the pump with them for peace of mind, because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Milk storage bags also make easy to move the breast milk and prepare it properly to consume in other occasion.

3. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump

Model: Medela Pump In Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

Best place to buy: Amazon

Price: $179.00 was $249.00

Mom’s Appreciation: Best Premium Breast Pump

  • Performance:

The In Style Advanced Breast Pump Medela Pump is one of the most exceptionally efficient Breast Pumps best known for Medla quality trayectory in this industry. Just marginally quieter than the Spectra S1, the system has a wide variety of customizable options. The Medela breast pumps are excellent when it comes to seeking new parts or accessories.


  • Features

The Medela breast pump is easy to customize with accessories from other companies. The model is offered in three different versions: the backpack style, the tote edition and the metro bag style.

The Medela Double Electric Breast Pump mimics a child’s normal breastfeeding very well. This breast pump can be plugged into a wall socket or run on batteries. The system is not supplied with the eight AA batteries needed for use.

  • Portability

Moms are able to carry their things packed in a version of a tote bag that is bulky and prohibits you from pulling the product out while in service. No matter what version you select, the machine is very lightweight and compact.

Set-up is simple because you don’t have to pull the whole system out any time you choose to use it. The breast pump often carries up to four tanks, and the ice packs used are very effective and keep cold for hours. You will use this accessory even after your breastfeeding stage comes to an end.

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